Potted History of the Boat Club

The North Queensferry Boat Club [NQFBC] was originally formed in the year of 1953 as a rowing club and based in the Wee Bay, East of North Queensferry. Sometimes referred to, colloquially, as the Wee Quarry Hole

An opportunity arose, in 1990, whereby the club were able to move into the premises previously owned by the Forth Yacht Marina at the Old Railway Pier and established themselves as The North Queensferry Boat and Sports Club

To-day, the North Queensferry Boat Club has a membership of approximately 80 individuals from a variety of backgrounds and locations within a large radius. The common theme of the membership is a love of boating! The club can proudly boast that it serves the Maritime Needs of not only North Queensferry but the whole of Fife and beyond.