Membership Fees

Club Membership starts on the 1st April of each year and terminates on the 31st of March in the following year. This is a Self Help Club and you will be expected to help out as and when it is necessary and if you are able.

The West Bay Harbour Area falls under the responsibilty of the North Queensferry Community Trust [NQFCT] and is monitored by the West Bay User Group [WBUG]. The Trust has a Volunteer Harbour Manager who looks after the area on a day to day basis.

If you are an individual who is seeking membership and already have a boat and wish to bring it to the West Bay, then you are advised to speak to the Harbour Manager [Tony Wood] in the first instance, who can then advise you almost immediately with regard to the suitability of your boat and storage.

Members wishing to make use of the Faciities on offer by the Trust, shall have to pay an Annual Facilities Fee to the Trust. You can download a copy of the Facilities on offer from the Trust and the Applicable Rates from here  Community Trust - Facility Fee's Table (101 downloads)

Membership Fee  Schedule

Membership CategoryFee
Ordinary Membership£75.00
Family Membership£85.00
Associate Membership£160.00
Social Membership£40.00
Boat Owning Senior Citizens£47.50
Non-Boat Owning Senior Citizens£32.50
Junior Membership
Boat Owning Junior (Under 18)£45.00
Non-Boat Owning Junior (Under 18)£30.00
Additional Costs
Club Mooring Fee£70.00
Bouys and Ropes ~ New MembersDeposit on Bouys: £20.00
Cost of Two Ropes: £30.00

The club cannot accept fin keel/long keel boats or project boats. Jet skis are not suitable for launching from the pier.

All new membership applications must be accompanied with two photographs of your boat and one of the photos to show the boat’s keel.

All Members must have at least third party insurance(£3,000,000) for their boats.

Anyone joining half way through the season will be discounted according to time left.

New Club Members are always welcome, but are however subject to availability in terms of mooring and storage

New Club Members – Seeking a Fore & Aft Mooring – will be required to make a one off payment (£50) for two Mooring Ropes @ £15.00 per rope and also place a deposit of £20.00 for two bouys, this deposit is refundable should you give up your mooring; Please keep your receipt