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North Queensferry Boat Club
The North Queensferry Boat Club [NQFBC] was originally formed in 1953 as a rowing club, with 12 members and based in the Wee Bay, East of North Queensferry. It then moved to the Old Ferry Pier in 1990 and the boat club was established, making use of the existing old ferry buildings and Forth Yacht Marina showrooms and workshops.
To-day, the NQFBC has a membership of approx 80, made up from a diverse group of people and from a wide geographical area who LOVE Boats and Boating.The club can proudly boast that it serves the maritime needs of not only North Queensferry, but the whole of Fife and beyond.
At NQFBC we only have moorings for boats with keels that can lie on the mud at Low Tide and therefore we are unable to accommodate ‘fin keel’ and ‘long keel’ boats without bilge plates. We also have a small pontoon for those members who are 65 years of age and over or members with reduced mobility and unable to take advantage of the Fore & Aft Moorings in the Outer Bay at the Railway Pier.
This is a self help club and members are expected to help out when necessary.
Membership to NQFBC is open to all age groups, boat owners and non boat owners in fact anyone interested in boats or the sea. Sailing Boats and Motor Boats alike are all welcome at the club.

Please drop in sometime and have a chat with some of the members who will be only too pleased to answer any questions you might have about the Boat Club or possible membership.